“For centuries men have paid tribute to the Goddess, for Her time is sacred and cherished above all.”



  • 1 Hour $290

    Located minutes from I-5, escape 28 miles north of Seattle to Lady Vi's private sanctuary; a 3 room, 520 sq. ft. dungeon fully equipped to satisfy all your deviant delights.

  • 90 Minutes $400

    For those longing for a deeper connection but who are unable to indulge a multi-hour scene.

  • 2 Hours $490

  • 3 Hours $690

  • 4 Hours $890

  • VIP Sessions $666

    Know what it's like to be Lady Vi's personal slave. This offering is exclusively available to select familiars who've proven worthy of this role. If you want to dance with the Devil it's $666 for the first hour, $200/each additional hour.

  • Duo Sessions Varies

    Greedy, gluttonous boys and girls may wish to intensify their experience with more than one Mistress or Master. Lady Vi enjoys playing with others, and you will too. Joint sessions with Lady Vi and one of Her friends are an exquisite experience not for the faint of heart. Rates vary by provider.

  • Extended Sessions Varies

    Contact to inquire about special rates for extended sessions including full day, overnight, weekend, and long-term arrangements.

Special / Social Time

  • Happy Hour or Dinner, 1.5 Hours $275

    For those curious men or women interested in deeper discussion before beginning their exploration into the world of BDSM.

  • Retail Therapy with a FinDom Varies

    What have you done? Afraid your wife or family will find out about your sick little secret? Desire to be a FinDom's pay pet for the afternoon? Meet Lady Vi at retail locations around the city. Explore what its like to be a human credit card machine. This fantasy is also available to discrete little pay pigs online.

  • Special Event Appearance $1500

    Long to spend the evening on a Mistress's leash or spend the evening at the heel of a beautiful Domme? Lady Vi will make a special appearance at your event or accompany you to an event of your choosing.

  • Photo Shoot, 1.5 Hours $350

    Subject matter and content at Lady Vi's discretion. Inquire for further details.


Nothing earns your favor in the eyes of the Queen quite like giving Her exactly what She wants.

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Waist: 30 / Hips: 40 / Dress: US 8 / Bra: 32 DDD / Panty: Large


Regular (O/S)

Boots / Heels

8.5-9 (US/ Women)


Caduceus Vineyards, RedCurious Beasts Blood Red Blend


Chocolati / Intrigue Chocolates Co. / See’s Candies