What is Professional Domination?

Professional domination is the exchange of money or gifts for consensual guided BDSM and fetish activities led by an experienced Dominatrix.

The term dominatrix is sometimes used to describe a professional dominant (or “pro-domme”) who is paid to engage in BDSM with a submissive. An appointment or roleplay is referred to as a “session”, and is often conducted in a dedicated professional play space which has been set up with specialist equipment, such as a “dungeon”. In the contemporary era of technological connectivity, sessions may also be conducted remotely by phone, email or online chat.

Women who engage in female domination typically promote and title themselves under the terms “Dominatrix”, “Mistress”, “Lady”, “Madame”, “Herrin” or “Goddess”.

Professional dominatrices do not offer sexual intercourse as part of their service to clients.

Professional dominatrices may take pride or differentiation in their psychological insight into their clients’ “needs” and fetishes, as well as their technical ability to perform complex BDSM practices, such as Japanese shibari and other forms of bondage, suspension, torture roleplay, and corporal punishment, and other such practices which require a high degree of knowledge and competency to safely oversee.

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Is it legal?

Yes. In the state of Washington consenting adults choosing to engage in BDSM practices is perfectly legal. Lady Vi only interacts with adults 21 years of age or older. If you meet Lady Vi, prepared to show legal photo identification upon request.

Domination is not prostitution, so if you are hoping to pay for a Dominant woman to take control of you in the bedroom using you to carry out Her every sexual desire you will be greatly disappointed. That is not what you will find in your time with Lady Vi.

Lady Vi will not engage in sex or sexual activities.

Lady Vi does not engage in activities that could be considered prostitution or that violate the law. Lady Vi does not engage in activities that jeopardize the health and safety of Herself or others. Lady Vi holds Herself, Her well-being and the well-being of Her submissives in the highest regard. You will do the same.

Lady Vi strictly abides by all Washington State Laws and expects Her submissives to do the same.

This is non-negotiable.

What if I am just curious?

Lady Vi welcomes submissives of all experience levels, from the novice to the highly skilled.

It is very common for curious individuals to seek the guidance of professionals to see if BDSM is right for them.

Privacy Policy

Lady Vi understands the importance of privacy and discretion. BDSM desires are often kept private for a multitude of reasons. Be it shame or embarrassment, fear of not being accepted by family and friends, or backlash in the workplace.

All activities and identities are kept strictly confidential unless the submissive desires otherwise.

Dangerous or ill-intending individuals should have no expectation of privacy. Dangerous or ill-intending individuals will be blacklisted, and their identities will be shared within the community to protect the health and safety of other professionals in the field.