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“And in Her presence i am once again whole. In Her presence my life has meaning, i exist to serve Her. Solace known only for the brief moment i lay at Her feet.”

Lady Vi welcomes the longtime enthusiast and curious stranger alike. If this is your first time seeing a Dominatrix, Lady Vi asks you to read the following piece of writing by Simone Justice prior to proceeding any further:

You never know, there could be a test…


Lady Vi is a busy Domina. She does not accommodate same day appointment requests. Exceptions may be made for Her most loyal submissives at Her discretion. For everyone else, a minimum 24 hour advance booking is required.

Request an appointment: Contact Lady Vi


If you do not have a reference, you will need to provide information Lady Vi can use to verify your identity. This will include your full legal name, date of birth, and the city/state you live in. Lady Vi reserves the right to ask for additional information, and you will provide it upon request or your booking request will be denied. Inquiries which do not include a reference or the additional screening information outlined above will not get a response.

Your Session

Lady Vi’s submissives understand that the list of possibilities for their session are as limitless as their ability to openly communicate their needs and desires. Whether you find that you have a strong need to lay at the feet of a beautiful dominant woman to find comfort and solace, or the need to be violently beaten, bruised, and tortured for the enjoyment of a wicked sadist, the ability to communicate the desired outcome of your session to Lady Vi will ensure a quality experience.

Prohibited session activities include: sex or sexual activities, brown showers or scat. Lady Vi has the power to add additional activities to the prohibited activities list at Her will and will do so whenever She see’s fit.

WARNING: It is your job to know your limits and properly convey them in all situations. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety in the activities you consent to engage in, and you are responsible for full disclosure prior to your session of anything that may threaten your safety. If you are not sure – ask.

What to Expect

Lady Vi will contact you prior to your scheduled session to confirm. If you fail to confirm, your session will be cancelled. Confirmations are accepted up to 2 hours prior to the start of your session, unless specified otherwise.

Directions will be provided the morning of your session, unless specified otherwise.

Lady Vi will set aside a period of time at the start of your session to talk with you. If at any time Lady Vi feels uncomfortable you will be asked to leave and your session will be terminated. Lady Vi does not tolerate disrespectful behavior. At no time will you attempt to touch Lady Vi. You will follow any and all direction given. Noncompliance will not be tolerated. When your session time is over you will exit the facility immediately.

There will be a cool down period, also referred to as ‘aftercare’, at the end of your session. If you would like time to clean up in the bathroom or take a quick shower at the end of your session this will take the place of your cool down period. Please communicate this prior to the beginning of your session, if possible.

Outcall Sessions

If you are not a known submissive of Lady Vi, protocol for scheduling an outcall session will require the name of another Domina whom will speak favorably on your behalf or an in-person meeting so that She may assess your worth.