Lady Vi

Lady Vi is a lifestyle Dominant in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Beautiful, brazen and delightfully wicked. Lady Vi exudes a unique brand of sinister sexuality, instinctual sadism, and natural born Female Dominance.

Sensual Satanatrix. Lustful Dark Queen. Captivating Domina who feeds off power, pain and sin.


Lady Vi is an active member of the Leather, BDSM and Sex Positive community. She is an advocate for human rights, ally and social activist who believes in equality regardless of race, gender-identity, self-expression or sexual orientation.

As an original founding member of Seattle girls of Leather, Lady Vi served on the board of directors for 3 years and continues to be an active member of the Leather community today. She lives by the core values of honor, integrity, and service. Lady Vi believes in building community; believing that we all have a personal responsibility to further education so that we may continue to grow, strengthen, evolve, and thrive.


Lady Vi delights in being cruel. She can be stern and quick to discipline but does not consider Herself a stone-faced Dominatrix. In fact, Her inner sadist is known to giggle when inflicting pain, tauntingly whimsical in Her amusement.

Lady Vi has been harnessing Feminine power since before She could walk. She is able to trace various forms of sadism consistently present throughout Her entire life.

It is every bit as part of who She is at Her core, it always has been.